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When judges are responsible for bad standards of breeding cats!


DeiAmorFelini is of course responsible for this statement, which corresponds to the truth .......
An exhibition lives on the breed of different cats, noble creatures with grace and character ... with many this is not yet arrived! Because more and more, we want to call them the elite of the breeders, withdraw from exhibitions, because they no longer want to identify with what has been asking for judges at exhibitions for years. Expos or shows have to be partly cancelled, because fewer and fewer breeders refuse, or become smaller and smaller!
One often underestimates the fact that breeders of certain breeds know the standard of their proteges much better than some judges.

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Our new face @ DeiAmorfelini

DeiAmorFelini will grow and change breedably in 2017!
Our philosophy against the Somalis, however, will remain the same! See our other reports online.
In cooperation with well-known international catteries, the pedigrees / tribal trees of DeiAmorFelini will be refreshed and strengthened in a nearer and somewhat distant future!


Goodbye Showstage!

DeiAmorFelini says goodbye to the show stage!


All DeiAmorFelinis have their titles and excellent reviews.

When decisions are made in life, they are justified.

There's a lot of thought going through your head and then it suddenly makes CLICK! That's it!

I think it's just the right moment to leave the shows.

Why this decision?

I can no longer identify with it ... this circus, which takes place on the weekends. In general, exhibitions, despite veterinary checks, present a potential danger with contamination by germs and this really can not be funny.

Then .... See and be seen ... the envy ... competition thinking & disgrace ....which animal is probably the most beautiful ... Why are always the same on the stage?

Many judges have no plan from my breed .... it is often confirmed to one's own eyes if they interrogate each other about the races.

Question about questions ... Criticism about criticism. I think one of these faxes is enough.

What has made me sad from the beginning is the deal with many breeding cats. Many cats can be seen the tragedy, which they probably not only through exhibitions live through.

Of course, there are also other hearty breeds, where the world between animals & humans is more than ok! Thank heaven!

DeiAmorFelini definitely says goodbye to the shows. OUR BREED CONTINUES STILL WITH TICA & NEEDS TO GET TO THE LOVERS OF SOMALI!

5D L5830


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